Crowe and Kidman Spotted in Fiji

Nothing's hotter in Hollywood now than Australian actors, so brace yourself, mate, for the rumor that two of Australia's sexiest stars are shacking up.

Eminently available Aussies Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman are both vacationing in the tropical isle of Fiji. Conclusion: These two hothouse specimens must be carrying on a torrid tête-à-tête.

Since a longing to spend more time in Australia was a factor for both the Oscar-winning actor and the Moulin Rouge star in the end of their respective relationships to Yanks Meg Ryan and Tom Cruise, an Oz-based relationship sounds reasonable enough, at least to those of us on the sidelines.

A tourism official, whose account won't hurt Fiji tourism any, tells The Associated Press that the two are vacationing together on lovely Wakaya Island but noted that they arrived on different days.

With attention usually given to visiting heads of state, the Fiji Sun newspaper reports that Kidman arrived on July 6 aboard a private jet, while Crowe arrived on his private jet on Tuesday, and sources at the airport say that both stars' jets are still there. Aha!

The management of the Wakaya Club resort denies that Crowe and Kidman are guests, as they routinely refuse to confirm the presence of any celebrities.

Whether Crowe is getting cozy with Kidman now or not, he is a longtime pal of the actress and her soon-to-be-ex-husband. Last year, the Mission Impossible star and Crowe thrilled Sydney residents when they turned up at a local rugby match, draped in team colors.

Since the end of his much-publicized romance with Meg Ryan, Crowe's been linked to Courtney Love, Heather Graham, and fellow Aussie Peta "La Femme Nikita" Wilson, and has been reported to be unsuccessfully wooing his new co-star, Jennifer Connelly, who plays his wife in the upcoming biopic A Beautiful Mind.

Kidman's fairy-tale 10-year marriage to Cruise fell apart earlier this year, since which time she's dismissed rumors linking her to married Moulin Rouge co-star Ewan McGregor and eminent bachelor George Clooney.