Music Notes: Springsteen Gets Copyrights

An early Bruce Springsteen recording will soon disappear from record store shelves.

The singer has regained copyright control of Before the Fame, an aptly titled album he recorded before signing with Columbia Records in 1973.

Pony Express has been distributing the album, much to the distress of Springsteen. On Friday a federal judge ruled the label must stop selling the album and destroy all existing copies.

Springsteen now controls the copyright in the United States and the United Kingdom, where a court gave him the authority in 1998.

Akroyd Gives Britney the Thumbs Up

One of the Blues Brothers has a thing for Britney Spears.

Dan Aykroyd says the pop star carries her weight on screen. "She's a good actress. I mean, she's got the essence of greatness there," Aykroyd tells the Chicago Sun-Times.

He's not entirely an impartial judge. He plays her dad in an upcoming movie, and says the singer personally asked him to take on the role.

Reviving Unplugged

MTV is bringing back the Unplugged, series which challenges artists to give a performance without the help of amplified instruments.

First in line is R.E.M., making its second appearance on the acoustic series.

According to the band's official Web site, the episode, which was recently taped in New York, is set to air July 19.


The Pointer Sisters, Donny Osmond and Luther Vandross are showing off their patriotism. They will perform in Washington, D.C's annual Fourth of July concert on the West Lawn of the Capitol building. … And VH1's new episodes of Before They Were Rock Stars will trace the upbringings of Stevie Nicks, Janet Jackson and others.

ABCNEWS Radio and's Buck Wolf and Nancy Chandross contributed to this report.