Kirsten Dunst Gets Naked … Kind Of

For all her brazen talk about shedding her good-girl image, Kirsten Dunst got a little shy when the time came to put out, er, put up.

The 19-year-old actress, who stars in next week's crazy/beautiful as a rebellious, self-destructive teen miscreant, was eagerly telling reporters a few months ago that she was certain that the film would change the way people see her. "I get to scream a little, cry a little, have a little sex," she told Reuters.

Uh, about that last part — it seems that Dunst changed her mind. The scene in question had Dunst walking through a house au naturel while she searched for a condom before her character has sex with a classmate.

"Kirsten felt a little uncomfortable about too much attention on the nudity in her first sexual movie," director John Stockwell told USA Today. So Stockwell cut the two-minute scene in half, had Dunst wear panties and a cut-off T-shirt during her walk through the house, and toned down the sex scene. He showed the footage to Dunst and her mother and gave them final approval over the editing of the scene. "It was a strange experience," Stockwell said. "I think her mom was a bit taken aback."