Movie Notes: Sharon Stone Sues Filmmakers

Sharon Stone wants a pair of producers to show her the money for the now-defunct Basic Instinct sequel.

The actress has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles against Andrew Vajna and Mario Kassar for $100 million in damages. She claims the two backed out of an oral agreement to make the film. Stone says she cleared her calender for the project, turning down other roles after being promised $14 million and a cut of the profits.

The filmmakers, who worked with Stone on the original Basic Instinct, reportedly are denying the accusations. Their spokesperson says they would not have had time for the project since they are busy working on Terminator 3.

Basic Instinct 2 hit a stumbling block after Michael Douglas turned down a chance to revive his role. The casting call continued, with a string of actors such as Harrison Ford declining the offer.

Porn Star Puts His Clothes Back On

Apparently too much attention is not good for a career in porn.

The adult film actor being sued by Tom Cruise for $100 million in damages for defamation is getting out of the business. Apparently, he's not ready for so much of the limelight.

"Having been thrust into the international spotlight in the past month — I have decided that I want to lead a nonpublic life, so I'm leaving the porn and video wrestling industry," said Kyle Bradford.

Bradford landed on Cruise's ever-growing lawsuit hit list for allegedly claiming he was having an affair with the actor. Cruise has repeatedly denied rumors that he is gay.

Bradford is now auctioning off his Web site on eBay and plans to write a book about his ordeal.

Hollywood's Accidental Money Laundering

Instead of making money, the filmmakers behind Rush Hour 2 are actually giving it away, sort of.

The Secret Service has seized more than $180 million of fake greenbacks that were traced to the set of the Jackie Chan sequel.

The bills were created for use in a scene in which bills are blown up in Las Vegas. After the scene was filmed, the fabricated cash ended up in circulation in the gambling town and got all the way to Los Angeles.

The government has since asked the Idaho company that manufactures the fake dollars to cease production and to issue a recall to the other film studios that use the phony cash.


Mr. Potato Head is getting a new job. The toy, which was featured in the Toy Story movies, will be the subject of a comic strip by Garfield creator Jim Davis. The stip debuts in newspapers in mid-July. … Linda Fiorentino is striking back at a German film company for allegedly promoting nude scenes she did not agree to film. The flap is over a Georgia O'Keefe film Fiorentino had been working on. Her lawsuit comes after the film company first sued the actress for allegedly causing a halt in production through repeated absences from the set.

ABCNEWS Radio and's Buck Wolf and Nancy Chandross contributed to this report.