Fiorentino Suit Says She Never Promised Nude Scenes

Actress Linda Fiorentino has countersued a German film production company that alleges she ruined a Georgia O'Keefe biopic by refusing to show up on the set.

According to Variety, Fiorentino (Dogma, Men in Black) filed a cross-complaint against Art Oko Film on Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court. She accuses the producers of Till the End of Time of attempting to coerce her into doing "prurient sex scenes" she never approved.

Art Oko Film is suing Fiorentino for $5 million, claiming that she feigned illness and did not come in for rehearsals, camera tests, or makeup sessions. Instead, the suit alleges, the actress attended social functions — including a party at the Playboy mansion — when she was supposedly sick.

The plug was pulled on Till the End of Time last August. Fiorentino was to have starred as painter O'Keefe and Ben Kingsley was to portray photographer Alfred Stieglitz.

In her filing, Fiorentino accuses the producers of promising the picture's investors that she would "perform the full frontal nudity and prurient sex scenes that they had added to the script without Fiorentino's approval." She is seeking unspecified damages for defamation, breach of contract, and false advertising.

In March, Variety reported that producers of the Hudson's Law TV pilot were deciding whether to sue the actress after they couldn't locate her to begin work. The role was eventually recast with actress Kyra Sedgwick.

Kevin Smith, who directed Fiorentino in Dogma, once stated that he will never work with the actress again after the pair battled bitterly on the set of his religious satire.