Movie Notes: Kidman 'Stalker' Talks Tough

ByABC News
May 31, 2001, 11:45 AM

May 31 -- The man accused of stalking Nicole Kidman says he's going to sue for slander, after a judge in Santa Monica, Calif., ordered him to keep away from the auburn-haired actress.

"This woman has severely wronged me," Matthew Hooker, 40, told reporters outside court Wednesday. "There is no reason at all to have a restraining order against me. I've never threatened anyone. I'm a gentleman."

Hooker, who runs several Web sites, one of which features his pledge to run for president in 2004, says he and Kidman bumped into each other in a bookstore earlier this year and Kidman, "flirted with me like crazy." He said he plans to sue for millions of dollars.

"She's made a big mistake here," he said.

Kidman's lawyers say Hooker posted messages to her on his Web site, wrote her a poem, called her home to ask her out to the ballet and for ice cream and offered to tutor her kids.

Hooker claims to have struck up a similar relationship with Claudia Schiffer, who has also complained about him.

Pearl Harbor Make History

The History Channel piggybacked on the Pearl Harbor hoopla and earned its highest ratings ever with a broadcast of Tora, Tora, Tora: The Real Story of Pearl Harbor.

More than 1.85 million viewers tuned in for the one-hour program Saturday.

But not everyone is making big money on the film. Ben Affleck is expecting to make around $50 million from the blockbuster, if the film continues to do well at the box office. But Kate Beckinsale, who got rave reviews, is earning just $200,000 from the flick.

But Beckinsale seemed in good spirits Wednesday, at the movie's U.K. premiere. The British native said she was very nervous because "my friends and family are all here."

Survivor Colleen

Former Survivor castaway Colleen Haskell splashes on the big screen this weekend in Rob Schneider's The Animal.

If you have great expectations for Schneider after his last outing, Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, he won't disappoint you, playing a man transformed into a super cop after he receives organ transplants from various animals, allowing him to swim like a dolphin and chase bad guys like a bloodhound.