James Woods Joins 'Scary Movie 2'

He may not be as frightening as the Godfather, but James Woods has been picked to replace Marlon Brando in the Wayans brothers' sequel Scary Movie 2.

Brando had signed on for a cameo in the spooky spoof, but withdrew after contracting pneumonia. He was expected to collect $2 million for the role.

There is no word on whether Woods' salary will match that, but his publicist says, "It's a very substantial amount."

Scary Movie 2 is due out this summer with a cast including Regina Hall, Tori Spelling and Chris Elliot.

Broadway Will

How do you top a role on one of the hottest sitcoms? Go to Broadway.

Will & Grace's leading man, Eric McCormack, is taking over the starring role in The Music Man. He says he's perfectly prepared for the stage.

"There are no TV actors. There's only actors," said McCormack. "Most of the actors on Broadway, if they could get a TV show, they'd take it, and most people that have TV shows, if they could get a lead in a Broadway musical, they'd take that, too. We're all just in the same community."

Woody Harrelson has been making guest appearances on the NBC sitcom. McCormack says they don't have huge plans for the season finale, but there may be a surprise or two.

"I wake up with Suzanne Pleshette and apparently it was all a dream. But other than that, nothing major."

ABCNEWS Radio and ABCNEWS.com's Nancy Chandross contributed to this report.