Survivor Teasers: Colby Wins? Amber Strips?

Survivor: The Australian Outback is down to the final four contestants and Vegas oddsmakers are favoring Texas stud Colby Donaldson to be the final Survivor.

And no, we didn't put a spoiler warning on this article because not even the contestants know who won at this point; the winner will (reportedly) come as a surprise to all on the two-hour May 3 finale.

CBS says that the votes cast during the final tribal council were sealed and locked away after the show was filmed in Australia last fall and will be opened only during a live broadcast of the final episode.

Colby has won the last few immunity challenges in a row (plus a reward challenge or two) but he's likely to be the next voted off if his immunity-winning streak slips even once.

Meanwhile, a network television writer who says that "reality TV is a massive threat to my livelihood" tells Internet site's adult-oriented "The Dan and Scott Show" that Tina Wesson will be the million-dollar winner.

The anonymous tipster, who identifies himself and his pals as Jesus and the TV Apostles, has an excellent prediction track record so far: He's been right each week, Showbizdata reports.

"I'm quite skeptical," Paul Sims, who runs the Web site, tells The Associated Press about "Jesus." "You should be very wary of somebody who says he has inside information."

CBS's stance is to "continue to allow the press to run inaccurate information," according to CBS spokesman Chris Ender. "It's always disappointing that there are individuals out there, whether they are right or wrong, who want to spoil something," he tells the AP.

In other reality-show teaser news, ousted Survivor-ette Amber Brkich is apparently still following Jerri Manthey wherever she leads. Like Manthey, Brkich says she's seriously considering posing nude for Playboy. "It would be nice to see how much they're offering," Brkich tells TV Guide, adding that she's considering non-nude men's mags Maxim or Stuff as "more respect[able]" backups.