Ryder and Aniston Are Extra-Close Friends

Yoo-hoo! Want to see Jennifer Aniston kiss a girl?

That's the viewer bait Friends is offering as its latest weapon against CBS's Thursday night ratings champ, Survivor: The Australian Outback.

Realizing that the Monica-Chandler wedding might not be enough of a stunt to goose the ratings, NBC's long-running sitcom is spicing things up during the critical sweeps period with a lesbian fling for Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and a cross-dressing dad for Chandler (Matthew Perry).

Guest star and girl about town Winona Ryder will play a former sorority sister who once got romantic with Rachel in an upcoming episode titled "The One With Rachel's Big Kiss," Reuters reports.

It's not clear how steamy things will get on network TV, but, given the title, we feel confident in predicting at least one big kiss between the two actresses.

Turning up for the May 17 one-hour Monica-Chandler wedding episode will be Kathleen Turner — fresh off her nude turn as The Graduate's Mrs. Robinson on the London stage — playing Chandler's father. Yes, his father, who's a cross-dresser, according to columnist Liz Smith.

Turner told Smith recently, "I have played a woman playing a man playing a woman playing — oh, what the hell! I enjoyed it. I like challenges."

Real-life cross-dresser Alexis Arquette, Courteney Cox's brother-in-law, tells Smith, "Kathleen nails this role, gorgeous in head-to-toe vintage Bob Mackie. Mackie is every cross-dresser's dream designer."