Madonna's Undies Up for Bid

Want a pair of Madonna's undies?

If you're a fan, collector or just a wealthy fetishist, here's your chance. They're for sale in an online auction.

A peek-a-boo — "and we do mean peek-a-boo," the description says — leather-studded bra and matching g-string worn by the Material Girl in her book Sex make up one of seven Madonna lots up for bid at Leland's.

The panties are "carefully" signed in the crotch, and the lot also includes explicit photos of Madonna in the getup.

As of Tuesday morning, two bids have brought the price to almost $1,500. Another lot features a bustier worn by Madonna in the early 1980s, and features perspiration and make-up stains. With an opening price of $800, no one has bid on it yet.

But Leland's president Mike Heffner told the New York Post he expected that to change — many bidders wait until the last minute to make a run at top-shelf items.

Where Jim & Jimi Kept Their Stash

Leland's, which specialized in sports memorabilia, says this auction is its biggest ever, and Madonna's sweaty undies are not the only unusual pieces of musical history up for bid.

Jimi Hendrix's personal "stash box," with an intricate elephant pattern on the lid, was still waiting for its first bid of $7,500. A more simple humidor used to store pot by Jim Morrison is also up for bid.

"It opens to pure white top and bottom with sides in cedar to protect cigars and anything else you might put in there," the description reads. "It is well known that Jim also used this for marijuana. We will leave it up to you which one you use it for."

Clinton Sax Scandal?

Other unique items being auctioned include a sax signed by Bill Clinton and Fleetwood Mac, Buddy Holly's high school yearbook, a letter signed by Walt Disney and Elton John's Elvis-style stage outfit.

Speaking of The King, no celebrity auction is complete without some Elvis items. This one features, among others, a napkin from the Presleys' wedding. Bidding on that starts at a cool 100 clams, cake not included.

Some remarkable pieces of sports memorabilia are up for bid as well. Guy Lefleur's Conn Smyth Trophy, which the hockey legend won as Most Valuable Player of the 1976-77 playoffs, is fairly hot, with eight bids bringing it to the $13,000 level as of this morning.

An army uniform worn by Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth's last will and testament and a baseball used in Don Larsen's perfect game are all up for bid as well.