Dr. Laura's TV Show Axed

ByABC News
April 2, 2001, 2:22 PM

April 1 -- Protesters can put away their picket signs: Dr. Laura Schlessinger's controversial TV talk show is history.

Paramount Domestic Television, the producers of the low-rated show, announced Friday that the radio personality had taped her final show the day before.

Since the show premiered seven months ago, Paramount has been targeted by gay and lesbian advocacy groups who objected to Schlessinger's comments about homosexuality. On her syndicated radio show, Schlessinger has referred to homosexuality as "deviant" and "a biological error." She later offered apologies for her remarks, but the protests went on, leading more than 90 advertisers to boycott the show.

In November, CBS-owned television stations in several key markets showed their disapproval of the show's low ratings by bumping it to unfavorable late-night or early-morning timeslots.

Joan Garry, executive director of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, said on Friday, "The gay community has sent a very strong message that we're no longer an easy mark. We hope that the lesson learned here is that media outlets will think twice before giving a platform to anybody who is provocative at the expense of our community."

The show isn't off the air for good, however; original episodes will be edited and will be available for broadcast by stations through September 2001, Paramount said.

Schlessinger said that her goal with both her television and her radio shows was to "preach, teach, and nag for people to do the right thing."

Reuters contributed to this story.