Woman Arrested at Pamela Anderson's Home

In her newest TV series, Pamela Anderson plays a bodyguard. In real life, she may be looking for one.

Anderson, star of the syndicated TV series V.I.P., called police from her cell phone when she found a strange woman in her home on Monday.

Police arrested Christine Roth, a 27-year-old Frenchwoman.

Alleged Stalker ‘Infatuated’ With Anderson

“She stated that she was in fact infatuated with Miss Anderson and that she had traveled to that location to enter her house,” said police spokesman Rick Martinez.

Roth was first arrested on trespassing charges and is being treated in the medical ward of the Twin Towers detention facility. She is awaiting arraignment on charges of misdemeanor trespassing.

Police say Roth was discovered inside the residence of the former Baywatch star, and are investigating how she got into the home in the first place.

Anderson left when deputies arrived.

Roth May Have Been There Before

Police have released few details of the incident, but say this may not have been the first time Roth visited Anderson’s home — a woman matching her description was seen on the property a month ago.

V.I.P. is in its third season of syndication and is seen on more than 200 stations. Anderson has also starred in films such as Barb Wire and appeared in magazines such as Playboy.

ABC Station KABC in Los Angeles and ABCNEWS Radio contributed to this report.