Everlast Incites Violence With Eminem Crack

Rappers Eminem and Everlast have blasted each other in a media feud for months — but the battle became more palpable when it moved onto Slim Shady's home turf of Detroit.

Everlast's show ended in a brawl Friday night at St. Andrew's Hall, after he followed a performance of the 1992 hit "Jump Around" with a tirade against Limp Bizkit, Smash Mouth, and D-12, an Eminem side project. No one was arrested, but three people ended up in Detroit Receiving Hospital, according to The Associated Press.

"I guess you could say trash talking took place and some people in the crowd didn't like it," said Detroit Police Sgt. Ricardo Moore told the news service.

Following his tirade in front of the capacity crowd of 1,000, Everlast challenged anyone from "Eminem's camp" to take the microphone.

He started into the next song but was interrupted when several members of the audience — who were initially identified as members of D-12 — charged the stage. Everlast dropped his guitar and ran off the stage as mayhem erupted on the floor, and someone reportedly grabbed the microphone and said, "Are you going to let this motherfucker come to Detroit and disrespect Eminem?"

Eminem and D-12 have recorded two songs — "I Remember" and "Quitter" — attacking Everlast; and Everlast blasted Eminem in a guest rap on a remix of the Dilated Peoples' "Ear Drums Pop."

Everlast, born Erik Schrody, recently told Wall of Sound, "Controversy and beef are all [Eminem]'s got to hold on to. I'm going to respond in my hip-hop fashion; commercially and all that, I'm not too worried about it. Honestly, homeboy is beneath me, as far as I'm concerned. I'm going to handle what I've got to handle, and if Shorty wants to come and handle me, he can do it with his hands."

Eminem, who is nominated for four Grammy Awards, is on tour in Europe.