Grammy-Nominated Slipknot Preps New LP

Slipknot is not a band prone to reverence — particularly not toward the corporate side of the music industry. But Shawn Crahan (a k a No. 6, the clown) says he and his eight masked and overalls-wearing cohorts are downright flattered to be nominated for a Grammy Award in the Best Heavy Metal Performance category.

"To be totally honest with you, the simple fact they let the eight-letter word Slipknot roll off their tongues means they are responsible and also means they're paying attention," says the 31-year-old percussionist.

"I'm extremely honored. And I feel the category we got nominated in is the best category of all; as far as Best New [Artist], we are the best new band. We know that. I feel the same way about Best Album and that stuff. I don't care who the fuck you give it to; it's us. But we're extremely honored to have been nominated for a Grammy; that means even the big world is paying attention and giving credit where credit is due."

As for the stiff competition in the category, which includes the Deftones, Iron Maiden, Marilyn Manson, and Pantera, Crahan notes that "just them addressing the fact we're nominated, they let me know I've won, and I thank them for that."

Crahan says Slipknot hasn't decided whether it will attend the Feb. 26 ceremony ("It can't be a joke," he says when asked if the group would appear in masks and tuxedos).

Meanwhile, the band is busy working on its next album in a Hollywood studio with producer Ross Robinson.

"We're hoping California will have some earthquakes when we start, because the album is on fire," Crahan says, citing songs such as "People Equal Shit," "Heretic Song," and "Disaster Piece."

"It is definitely the Second Coming, and it's just extremely, extremely brutal. We have evolved so much as a band through extensive touring and being with one another for so long, so we're really psyched on this new album."

Crahan says to look for a late spring or early summer release, followed by touring that will include a second edition of Slipknot's Tattoo the Earth festival.