Redford Revs Up Ché Memoir

Ché lives! South American revolutionary Ernesto "Ché" Guevara is the subject of a new film, which will be executive-produced by actor-director Robert Redford.

Walter Salles, who directed Best Foreign Film Oscar nominee Central Station, will helm The Motorcycle Diaries, based on Guevara's pre-freedom-fighter days.

The book centers on a 7,000-mile motorcycle trip the 23-year-old future revolutionary took through the deserts and mountains of South America. No one has yet been announced to play the lead role.

Guevara has been portrayed on film by Omar Sharif in the 1968 film Ché! and by Spanish hunk Antonio Banderas in the musical Evita.

The picture will be made in association with Italian journalist Gianni Mina, who acquired the screen rights from Guevara's widow in Cuba, Variety reports.

Salles is also attached to direct The Assumption of the Virgin, which has Chocolat confection Juliette Binoche attached to star.