Madonna Mixes With Locals on Honeymoon

Madonna and new husband Guy Ritchie successfully eluded the media on their wedding day, but that doesn't mean that the new missus is averse to stepping out in public

The newlyweds, who tied the knot in a private ceremony at Scotland's Skibo Castle on Friday, are enjoying their honeymoon in England, at the 41-room Tudor mansion of Sting and his wife, Trudie Styler. The vast, 52-acre estate, which is near Stonehenge, affords the superstar and her director hubby the privacy that an exotic isle likely never would. So locals were amazed to see the high-profile bride and groom attend a Christmas Mass and visit a nearby pub as if they weren't currently the most famous couple in the world.

Madonna Attends Midnight Mass The first-name-only pop stars Madonna and Sting and their spouses attended Christmas midnight Mass at the medieval St Michael's Church in Wilsford-cum-Lake near the southern English city of Salisbury, Reuters reports. "Madonna and Guy joined in with all the usual songs like 'While Shepherds Watched' and 'O Come All Ye Faithful'," Canon John Reynolds, who conducted the service, was quoted by Britain's top-selling Sun tabloid today.

"Sting and Trudie are part of our village, so I did not feel nervous preaching in front of Madonna," Reynolds told the Sun. "Madonna and Guy … were among the earliest to arrive," he added, "and when the service was over, they both thanked me." He said that no one mobbed the singer-actress for her autograph and that the newlyweds appeared happy but not "over-affectionate."

Drinks With the Locals Before going to the Christmas church service, the newlyweds spent an hour enjoying drinks in the village pub, The Bridge, according to the Sun. "We couldn't believe it when they walked in," said one regular at the pub. "We see Sting and Trudie around from time to time, but we never thought we'd be drinking with Madonna."

Rocco Cries, Madonna Doesn't Obey And, after the complete media blackout, we're now getting a few more details about the wedding itself. Vinnie Jones, the British soccer player turned actor who's in both Ritchie films, stood up as best man.

In taking Ritchie as her lawfully wedded husband, Madonna vowed to "cherish, honor, delight in family, and always keep and hold to one another," according to British newspapers. She did not opt to "obey" her new husband in her marriage vows.

According to several sources, 4-month-old baby Rocco, who was christened at Dornoch Cathedral the day before the wedding, cried throughout the ceremony.

According to the New York Post, Madonna has told friends that she plans to return Scotland on their wedding anniversary every year to visit a tree they planted. Awww. Madonna and her family are expected to return to London after New Year's, says the Post.

Reuters contributed to this story.