Elusive Enya Talks Tour in 2001

Might we finally be seeing Enya in concert? The ethereal Irish singer-songwriter — best known for her enduring late-'80s hit "Orinoco Flow" — says she's definitely considering some live work in the wake of A Day Without Rain, her recently released fifth album, which stands at an impressive No. 17 on the Billboard charts.

And she says the idea definitely has the support of her longtime producer, Nicky Ryan, who met Enya when he was the sound engineer for the Irish group Clannad.

"It'd be a really great thing to do," Enya says of performing live. "We've first been talking about next year, trying to at least do a TV special performance, having the setting, say, in a cathedral or something and involve quite a few people — orchestrating the music, having choir. It'd be fantastic to try. You can't emulate the same sound, but definitely the music can cross over to a rendering for a live performance. We're both very confident about that."

If that works, Enya says, she would definitely entertain the idea of playing more dates, perhaps even a full tour. "On a musical side, it'd be absolutely wonderful to be surrounded by musicians playing all those parts," she says.

"It would be such a challenge, but on the other side it would be so wonderful to sit in front of a live audience. I would enjoy that moment."

Before that happens, however, more of Enya's music — including her current single, "Only Time" — will be heard in the film soundtrack for Sweet November, which stars Keanu Reeves and is slated to hit theaters in February.