Malcolm Headed for the Movies

Fox's popular comedy Malcolm in the Middle may be about a small fry and his suburban family, but the show is about to be super-sized. Yep — get ready for Malcolm, the movie.

Variety notes that while it's not uncommon for TV shows to land on the silver screen, it's usually several years after they've left the air (for example, Charlie's Angels). One anomaly: Fox's fairly successful X-Files movie, which ran at the same time as the hit series.

Sophomore show Malcolm is the story of a middle-class family of six, as seen through the eyes of a little boy (Frankie Muniz), who is constantly embarrassed by his meddling brothers and parents.

Although no deals are in place, a production rep said it's likely that Malcolm's stars will appear in the film adaptation.

Malcolm recently received two Emmy Awards — one for writing and one for direction.

Reuters contributed to this story.