Furlong Comes Clean on Rehab

December 7, 2000 -- Edward Furlong was in danger of gaining the Troubled Young Actor tag given to so many stars before him — including Robert Downey Jr. But when his friends told him he was partying too much, Furlong says he agreed.

Furlong, who starred in Terminator 2: Judgment Day and more gritty fare like Steve Buscemi's Animal Factory, tells US Weekly that he recently realized he had a drinking problem and checked into a Southern California rehab center. In the magazine's Dec. 8 issue, Furlong explains, "My friends were like, 'Eddie, you're drinking too much, you're out too much, you've got to, like, slow down.'"

The 23-year-old actor emphatically denies ever having a heroin or cocaine addiction, claiming he doesn't like the latter and "never did heroin. No, no, no. If I did, I would say it."

We believe him. Last month, Mr. Showbiz asked Furlong to explain a rumor that he'd thrown up in a New York City bar during a wild night with scenester gal pal Paris Hilton. Rather than using that tired old "no comment" song and dance, Furlong unhesitantly replied, "I never puked at a bar. I've been drunk at a bar. I've been at a bar, and I've been like, 'Oh God, I'm spinning. I'm drunk and I need to go home.' … But that's about it."

Those topsy-turvy nights are apparently calmer now. Furlong says he has attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings since checking out of the $1,000-a-day treatment center, while spies in New York have remarked on his healthy new look.

Still, Eddie's no innocent. Furlong admits to US Weekly that he has had a few drinks since his detox. "Am I having a drink every night? No, not at all." We hope that's true.

Furlong will next be seen in Terminator 3 with T2 co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger.