Douglas, Zeta-Jones Tie the Knot

ByABC News
November 18, 2000, 11:25 PM

N E W   Y O R K, Nov. 19 -- New York played host to more than its usual share of Hollywood glitterati this weekend as stars gathered at the Plaza Hotel to witness thewedding of Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas and Welshactress Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Hundreds of fans and paparazzi photographers crowded thesidewalks around the landmark hotel on Saturday, hoping tocatch a glimpse of the high-profile couple and their celebrityguests as they arrived for the evening event.

Actors Jack Nicholson, Anthony Hopkins, Danny DeVito,James Woods and Goldie Hawn were among the roughly 250 peoplein attendance at the ceremony, which reportedly cost thenewlyweds about $2 million. Directors Steven Spielberg andOliver Stone were also on hand.

Newlyweds Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, who married inMalibu, Calif., earlier this year, attended as well.

Kirk Douglas and Diana Douglas Darrid, the grooms parents,were among the actors family on hand. Douglas 21-year-old sonfrom his first marriage, Cameron, was the best man.

Lobster and Lamb at the Plaza

Zeta-Jones, who wore a $250,000 David Emanuelle dress forthe evening event, flew in a host of family members and friendsfrom Wales, including her father Dai, a retired salesman, andmother Pat. Her grandmother, Zeta, 85, also made the trip.

After the ceremony guests dined on lobster and lamb in aposh reception at the Plaza, the famous hotel that anchorsManhattans Central Park and has been the setting for manyfilms.

In lieu of presents, the couple asked guests to donatemoney to the Dylan Douglas Foundation, a charitable trust fortheir new son that Douglas spokesman said the boy will not beable to keep when he comes of age, but must give away.

Douglas and Zeta-Jones May-December romance hes56, shes 31 has provided rich fodder for tabloids on bothsides of the Atlantic.

Hollywood Royalty

Douglas is Hollywood royalty, the son of actor Kirk Douglasand the star of hit movies including Basic Instinct and WallStreet, for which he won a best actor Oscar. Zeta-Jones is theraven-haired, Welsh-born beauty who wowed audiences with hersexy performance in the 1999 thriller Entrapment.