MTV's Daly Engaged to Actress Tara Reid

ByABC News
November 2, 2000, 2:13 PM

October 31 -- Usually, the cameras positioned around MTV's Total Request Live offices broadcast images of pop music fanatics gathered in Times Square to cheer and squeal. Today, monitors are probably catching glimpses of weeping teen girls who just learned that buff TRL host Carson Daly is engaged.

Daly and his actress girlfriend of seven months, Tara Reid (American Pie, Dr. T and the Women), got engaged Sunday in New York City. According to USA Today, they did not reveal wedding details, but we're betting that they'll have a fancy, bet-the-moon ceremony somewhere in Manhattan, where they share an apartment.

MTV star Daly, 27, previously dated another actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt. The two separated in September 1999 after 18 months of bicoastal hotel-hopping.

Reid, 24, just finished shooting the girl-band flick Josie and the Pussycats, which also features spiky-haired Daly in a cameo.

The couple met during an MTV spring break shoot in Mexico in March. They have not yet set a date.