Liu Denies 'Angels' On-Set Battle

ByABC News

Oct. 23, 2000 -- Though the filming of the upcoming Charlie’s Angels flick was rumored to be teeming with bad vibes, co-star Lucy Liu says her alleged battle with Bill Murray wasn’t that big of a deal.

“I don’t think it was an argument,” Liu states in the new issue of TV Guide. “We had creative differences,” she adds. “He interpreted a scene a certain way, and I interpreted the scene a separate way. And then the rumors started going crazy that I swung at him. This guy is like 6-foot-2. I wasn’t going to pull out kung fu on him.”

Liu, who is also a regular on TV’s Ally McBeal, was said to have gone ballistic on the Angels set back in April. Sources told Variety the spat, which apparently started over a disagreement regarding one of the scenes Murray wrote, was so ugly that it cleared the room and shut down production for a day.

Liu now says she’s on good terms with funnyman Murray. “When I saw the movie, I called him up and left him a message and told him how wonderful he was.”

We wonder how Murray, no stranger to quality films, is responding to that enthusiasm. Advance word of mouth on the femme flick — which reportedly endured more than 30 script rewrites — has been less than stellar. Charlie’s Angels, also starring Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz, opens Nov. 3.

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