Flirting Has Big Brother Winner in Hot Water

Big Brother winner Eddie McGee is discovering that money can't buy him love. Though he received $500,000 for being the last one in the house on the CBS reality show, McGee's girlfriend is not impressed.

The University of Texas student is apparently in hot water with his girlfriend, Monica, for flirting on camera with beauty queen Jamie Kern. McGee, 21, tells TV Guide, "I spoke to Monica the night I got out [of the Big Brother house], and from what I understand, there were rumors that Jamie and I had a thing going on in the house.

"Monica's a wonderful girl, but she's a tad bit jealous, and that didn't go over too well with her. I think she was hurt."

Eddie was separated from his squeeze for 88 days while he camped out in the wired house on the CBS lot. But it's not Jamie — the reigning Miss Washington — that Monica should be worried about. In an online chat after his victory Friday, Eddie admitted to having the hots for another houseguest, touchy-feely Minnesotan Brittany.

Eddie told the moderator, "… Jamie was very attractive. But Brittany definitely stole my heart. Brittany, she's a doll. I wish her nothing but the best of luck. Definitely the babe of the house is Brit."

The host replied, "At one point, you said Brittany became more of a little sister to you." Eddie responded, "Yeah, Brittany and I are real close. We were just real close. We hit it off and just, you know, have this chemistry between us. She's a sweetheart. I don't even really know how to describe her. She's a sweetheart. I love her."

Got that, Monica? Eddie tells TV Guide that his relationship doesn't stand much of a chance once he returns to college. "… We'll see what happens. I hope things work out for us. If they do, great. If they don't, they don't."

Eddie can console himself with a cheerier piece of news: More viewers tuned in to watch his easy victory than watched the Olympics' final Friday, according to Nielsen Research.