Survivor's Book in the Hatch

ByABC News
September 25, 2000, 2:15 PM

September 25 -- Do you want to succeed in life without really trying? Have we got a book for you!

Survivor winner Richard Hatch will release an autobiography after all, Variety reports. Though his earlier, $500,000 book deal with St. Martin's fell through, the ex-contestant known as "Machiabelly" has inked a contract with Lyons Press. Because his contract with CBS prohibits Hatch from discussing his experience on the island game show, the once-obese corporate trainer from Rhode Island will instead bestow his readers with his "get happy" philosophy on life, money, and physical beauty.

The self-congratulatory title for the Nov. 14 book is deep breath 101 Survival Secrets: How to Make a Million Dollars, Lose 100 Lbs., and Live Happily Ever After. Hatch's message is "how to be happy," he says. "So many people aren't clear enough about who they really are to make the distinction between playing the game and their personal lives."

Uh, Rich, the game is over. You can stop ferreting away stingray carcasses and rice now.

Lyons Press and Hatch did not reveal the terms of their deal, but Hatch describes it as "uniquely back-end heavy." Don't ask.

The New York-based publisher is helmed by Hatch's old friend Tony Lyons, who says the book's theme will be "loyalty and honesty." Considering that Rich was Survivor's most openly manipulative contestant, that may surprise many fans of the show.

Can't wait for the book? Hatch will fight for more undeserved wealth when he and other Survivor castmates compete with The Exorcist's Linda Blair on Hollywood Squares this week.