Smith, Affleck, Lee Chase New Comedy

Kevin Smith is looking to re-team with his Chasing Amy leads Ben Affleck and Jason Lee in a new comedy. The two actors, who've gone on to star in Armageddon and Almost Famous, respectively, since appearing as cartooning buddies in the 1997 indie, are "in discussions" to star in a new comedy for Smith.

"In discussions"? What's to discuss: Who's buying the beer? Since they're all great pals, it seems unlikely that they won't come to an agreement pretty darn soon.

Seriously, now that Affleck's a matinee idol worthy of replacing Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan (in the upcoming Sum of All Fears), scheduling just might be an issue. Smith's film and Sum are currently both set to start shooting in January.

Smith's comedy, currently known only as "View Askew 5," would be the last of his New Jersey cinema cycle, with Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Smith) on board, natch. Clerks stars Brian O'Halloran and Jeff Anderson are also expected to make appearances in the film, according to Variety.

The bearded indie auteur has also been prepping a new take on the Chevy Chase comic vehicle Fletch, and he tells Entertainment Weekly that he's turned down calls from Matthew Perry and John Cusack to star as the new Fletch. Smith says he's holding out for — guess who? — Affleck or Lee to star as Irwin Fletcher.

Dude, if Affleck is the new Jack Ryan, do you think he wants to be the new Fletch?

And big-screen buddy trackers take note: A fourth team-up of Lee and Affleck (after Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and Dogma) would make them as inseparable as Affleck and his Oscar-mate, Matt Damon.

The always-sarcastic Lee, a former professional skateboarder, is part of the winning ensemble in Cameron Crowe's rock valentine, Almost Famous, and is currently filming Big Trouble for Barry Sonnenfeld.

Reuters contributed to this story.