Orbit Praises Madonna's Music

Even though he worked on only three of the 10 tracks, William Orbit — who co-produced and co-wrote Madonna's Grammy-winning 1998 release, Ray of Light — couldn't be more effusive in his praise of her latest effort, Music.

"I'm very impressed by what Madonna's done, and more just by her having chosen other collaborators … and she's chosen very well," says Orbit, who took a back seat to French club auteur Mirwais Ahmadzai on Music.

"I'm really excited about [the songs]," he adds. "They're danceable, and a lot more edgy. A lot of them sound like singles, but they have a greater immediacy about them. They're more dreamy, more urgent, and less spiritual than Ray of Light."

Of course, Madonna has long used change to her advantage, throwing regular stylistic curve balls to her fans, who have certainly grown accustomed to her creative metamorphoses. Music's title track is already getting hit-level airplay, and while other songs on the album are more challenging and further afield from Ray of Light, Orbit says he's confident that they will be similarly embraced.

"She's moving on, but she's not going to alienate the people who like where she is now," says the producer. "Those who have been appreciative of her latest stuff in the last two years are going to understand this album, and she's going to thrill them, and pick up some more fans. We could see a very, very big album here.

"I'm not in the business of being a salesperson for her records. I just have to say I'm very excited by what she's doing, and I just wish we had time to do more [together]."