Barrymore, Perry Reveal Sexy Secrets

Celebrities and the fans who love them don't always agree on what makes a person sexy, but one thing's for sure: Everybody longs for the perfect mate.

In the September issue of In Style magazine, everyone from Friends actor Matthew Perry to Hollywood honey Drew Barrymore gives a personal definition of sensuality — and the results are funny, yet mortifying.

Perry, for instance, thinks "Bingo is sexy — since I'm the only guy under 70 playing, I'm bound to look great!" He sheepishly adds that he's a big fan of the overwrought, romantic "moonlit dinner on the beach" routine. Why's that, Matt? "You can score with a girl, even if she hates you, if you show her [the moonlight over the ocean]." Riiiight.

Barrymore is an old-fashioned romantic, too, but in a much more subtle manner. She says that fiancé Tom Green and redheads top her list of pulse-revvers: "I have the best fiancé that ever lived. He's romantic, a wonderful gentleman, an incredible listener."

The Charlie's Angels star reveals that she had a feeling that her comedian beau would pop the question. "The minute we woke up that day, something inside told me Tom was going to propose," she muses. "I said 'yes' immediately. The wedding will be a blast, romantic and full of jokes."

Bring It On actress Kirsten Dunst admits to having a weakness for "sweet guys like Tobey Maguire. Innocence lasts a short time, but it's so appealing." She also claims that eating at the California burger chain In-N-Out rocks her world: "Biting into [a burger there] is like having an orgasm: You explode inside."

Maguire, on the other hand, notes that his ideal girl wears no makeup: "We're just souls and spirits living a human experience; at the core, none of this really matters. … I don't really understand what makeup is, covering up who you are. I prefer seeing the person, not a painted-on mask."

Though her Sex and the City character is approaching the altar, actress Kristen Davis is still looking for her Mr. Right. "It's harder for me to meet men, because all I do is work," she says. "I live [in Los Angeles]. I work [in New York City]. I did a project in Canada in my time off. What city am I supposed to date people in?"

Ah, it's a rough life. Another Hollywood single, Scary Movie's Shannon Elizabeth, fantasizes about Johnny Depp. "He's gorgeous, beautiful," she gushes. "I'm really a fan of the long hair. As long as he keeps it long, I am so there."

Back in couples-ville, Jim Carrey and Angelina Jolie took the easy answer, naming their significant others (Renée Zellweger and Billy Bob Thornton, respectively) as "Sexiest Star Alive." Mark Wahlberg, who gets a lot of flak for spending so much time with his pal George Clooney, added fuel to the fire by naming Clooney as his choice for sexiest star: "On the set of The Perfect Storm, even the seagulls overhead were screaming, 'George! We love you!'"