Anne Heche's Lost Weekend

ByABC News
August 22, 2000, 2:11 PM

Aug. 22 -- The already-strange story of Anne Heches dazed and confused rural ramblings over the weekend has gotten even more outlandish.

While theres still been no official statement from the actresss camp, sources say her disorientation and confusion when she turned up on the doorstep of strangers near Fresno, Calif., may be due to (surprise, surprise) drugs.

Because Heche had just announced her split with her companion of three years, Ellen DeGeneres, speculation has run high that the Six Days, Seven Nights actress was on a bit of a post-breakup bender.

There are indications she may have been under the influence of some sort of drug, a law enforcement source told the Fresno Bee. Heche made statements indicating that she may have been taking the drug Ecstasy, according to the Bees sources.

Heches Drug-Fueled Ramblings?

According to television station KSEE, one Fresno County deputy wrote in his report, She proceeded to tell me that she was God and was going to take everyone back to heaven with her in some sort of spaceship.

Heche was found on the doorstep of a farmhouse in rural western Fresno County Saturday, after she knocked on the door and made strange statements to the residents. An ambulance and sheriffs deputies were summoned and Heche was taken to a nearby hospital.

Sheriffs Lt. Merrill Wright said: We determined that there was a medical problem and sent her to University Medical Center.

The hospital has denied treating anyone named Anne Heche, but according to television station KFSN in Fresno, hospital records show that Heche was released early Sunday after being seen by doctors for two hours.

No Rhyme or Reason

I have no idea why she was where she was,Wright said Monday. Theres no rhyme or reason why she should have been at Nebraska and Highway 33. Heche apparently abandoned her Toyota sport utility vehicle Saturday afternoon near the intersection in question before walking a mile along a tiny dirt road to the home, where residents called the sheriffs office for help.