Horror Mavens Plot Scary Sequels

What happens when a successful spoof of a spoof on horror films strikes it rich? In fine fright-flick tradition, it always comes back.

Three of the Wayans brothers — director Keenen Ivory, and actor-scribes Shawn and Marlon — are on board to make Scary Movie II this fall, The Hollywood Reporter notes. Perhaps inspired by the nearly $145 million haul of their, uh, "original," which riffed on the Scream-Blair Witch-I Know What You Did Last Summer genre, they'll prep the sequel for a May 2001 release.

It's hard to imagine that there's been a stone (or stoner, in Scary Movie's case) left unturned in the teen slasher genre, but someone smells profit. According to Variety, the I Know What You Did Last Summer franchise is producing another sequel.

The original, which starred teen-scream-queens-in-training Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar, grossed more than $72 million domestically in 1997, while its 1998 follow-up, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, rang up $40 million.

No word on what the third installment will be named (I Don't Care What You Did Last Summer, perhaps?), but an insider tells Variety that it will involve "totally different characters" who face an unseen villain "in the wilderness while on a sort of 'Outward Bound' expedition."

Totally different characters? The Wayans brothers may be able to score big with a cast of well-endowed unknowns, but the odds of I Know What You Did 3 doing the same are scary indeed.