Mr. Big: 'I'm No George Clooney'

ByABC News

August 14, 2000 -- Chris Noth labored for years on NBC's Law & Order, but he's found true sex-symbol status as the noncommittal, sleepy-eyed love interest "Mr. Big" on HBO's Sex and the City. So, is the hot TV star, who's just landed a role on Broadway, the next George Clooney?

“I have enough attention already. More, I don’t really need,”Noth, a Yale School of Drama graduate, tells the New York Daily News.

“Clooney’s got a charm that is really palpable,”says the 45-year-old Noth. “I’m not sure I have that. No one is coming to me and offering me a $50 million movie.”Clooney, of course, was one of TV’s reigning hunks, finally breaking through on the big screen with this summer’s The Perfect Storm.

Noth will play Sen. Joe Cantwell in the Broadway revival of Gore Vidal’s The Best Man, which opens Sept. 17.

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