Mick Jagger Ready to be 'Robbed'

As fellow Rolling Stone Keith Richards prepares to play Johnny Depp's dad in the third "Pirates of the Caribbean" film, Mick Jagger is ready to be taken to the cleaners in a new ABC comedy.

Jagger has already filmed scenes for the pilot of "The Knights of Prosperity" -- previously called "Let's Rob Mick Jagger" -- and show star Donal Logue says it's up to Jagger to decide how many episodes he'll appear in. The show debuts Oct. 17.

"Hopefully, he'll be in, like, four or five episodes this season...to bookend different things or different operations or stings, or who knows? But that's completely up to his whim and fancy," says Logue, who is currently appearing in Ed Burns' new film, "The Groomsmen" and won acclaim for his performance in "The Tao of Steve."

In the new show, Logue will lead a gang of inept burglars called "The Knights," who are bent on robbing Jagger's swank Manhattan apartment.

The show's name changed for two reasons: Producers are still not sure how many episodes Jagger will appear in and didn't want to oversell his presence. They also wanted to plan for the future. If the show is a success, Logue's rogues are expect to swindle and steal from other celebrities in future seasons.

At one point, long before Jagger signed on, the show was tentatively titled, "Let's Rob Jeff Goldblum," although the "Jurassic Park" star had never signed on to the project.

"I always wanted it to be 'The Knights of Prosperity,' so I'm psyched," says Logue. "It was what was on the t-shirts on the show. Just like my character says, 'Look, I already made the T-shirts up.' So I'm happier with the idea that it's 'the James Gang' or 'The Lords of Flatbush,' or one of those things. That's who we are."

'Can You Be More Confident Than Mick?'

Logue is co-producing the show along with David Letterman's longtime producer Rob Burnett, among others. Logue and Burnett previously worked together on NBC's "Ed." The project is a joint effort between Letterman's Worldwide Pants and Disney's Touchstone Television.

Jagger filmed his initial scenes a few months ago in New Zealand while the Rolling Stones were on tour. The legendary rocker actually made his debut as a feature film star 36 years ago in "Ned Kelly," and has acted sporadically over the years. He has little experience in TV comedy.

But Logue says Jagger's undeniable on-screen presence makes giving him acting tips unnecessary.

"How much more confident a performer could you be than Mick Jagger?" Logue says. "It's like all [performers are] standing somewhere and believing that you have the right to be there and say what you're saying, and there's no one on planet earth, probably -- other than Nina Simone and Paul McCartney and a few other people -- who really have the right to feel that way as much as he does."

At the Television Critics Association supper press tour, ABC Entertainment president Stephen McPherson told reporters what Jagger was like to work with.

"I thought he had such a sense of humor about himself," McPherson said. "We flew to New Zealand to shoot. He was at the end of his tour. He was exhausted, and literally shot it in one day. He was great."

If they successfully fleece Jagger, it's unclear which deep-pocketed celeb they'll target next.

"I think the plan would be that every season that the group would have a different objective in sight to rob a different person, and maybe to help each individual member of the group to see their fantasy come true," Logue says.

"Mine would be to open a bar, and maybe we could finance that through the first year's heist. And then the second year, we could move on."

"The Knights of Prosperity" is co-produced by Touchstone Television, a division of The Walt Disney Company, which is also the parent company of ABC News.