Promises: The Ritz of Rehab

With a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean to wake up to and a team of gourmet chefs at her beck and call, Britney Spears' latest choice of rehab clinic ensures that she embarks upon any 12-step program she chooses in considerable style.

Promises, the rehab facility that Spears has checked into, was the first of more than a dozen luxury treatment centers in Malibu. But at Promises, luxury doesn't mean lenient, according to founder Richard Rogg. Rogg downplays claims that his celebrity clients are overly pampered at the $1,600-a-night facility.

A Healthy Dose of Humility -- and Maybe Some Kitchen Duty

"Flying in on your jet plane, or somebody coming from a 20,000-square-foot house into our program, you know this is a step of humility for them."

"It gives them the treatment and it gives them the environment where they feel safe and comfortable," Rogg told ABC News.

So what can Britney expect?

First, she needs to make it through the first 24 hours. It is the third time that Spears has checked into rehab within the last week, according to People magazine. She lasted just one day in Eric Clapton's Crossroads clinic last week and was in and out of Promises within the same amount of time earlier this week.

Clients typically stay for a minimum of 30 days. If Spears makes it through a month of treatment, the 25-year-old will need to embrace the fabled 12-step program.

"I think it's the most spectacular remedy for alcoholism and addiction that we've ever had," said Rogg, whose previous clients include Ben Affleck and Charlie Sheen.

The treatment requires regular group meetings where members discuss their experiences and hopes. An important feature is members admitting they have a problem and recognizing it as an illness rather than just a bad habit. Rogg is a firm believer in this method.

"The 12-step programs are solid, the most proven effective way of helping someone overcome addiction and alcoholism."

Another feature of the Promises regimen for the newly sheared Spears may be tasks usually reserved for her housekeeper.

"If you do some chores around here, like the dishes or cleaning up the smoking areas, then stuff like that helps people feel more a part of a family here," said Rogg.

"It's not a punishment or anything like that."

While these chores are not compulsory, if it all proves too much for Spears she is allowed to surf the Internet or chat with friends on her cell phone. Not surprisingly, there are those who remain dubious about the effectiveness of luxury clinics.

"All of a sudden it feels like anytime a celebrity gets into trouble boom, they're in rehab, and it feels a little hollow,"'s Harvey Levin told ABC News.

"If they're doing it to get better, more power to them, but if they're doing it to resurrect their image then I don't think anybody is buying what they're selling."

With so many rehab clinics opening every year -- there are more than 40 in Southern California alone -- Rogg admits that many are indeed a waste of time.

"When it's all about massage, acupuncture, hypnosis and brain-wave therapy, and you're missing the 12 steps then you're not doing the treatment," he said.

"People have found ways to lure alcoholics and addicts into programs that really don't provide serious recovery."

So what are the chances that Spears will leave "Promises" fully rehabilitated?

"The whole thing with success rates is that there's no validity to any of it," said Rogg.

"You know I can say we have almost a 100 percent success rate if someone follows exactly what we tell them to do, but that hardly ever happens."

Whether pop's former golden girl does as she's told or ends up checking out in less time than it takes to annul a Las Vegas wedding remains to be seen.