Lohan's Mom: I'm Living the American Dream

Despite having completed a stint in rehab, Lindsay Lohan is keeping up with her partying ways. And she's often accompanied by her mom, Dina Lohan, a former Rockette.

What's wrong with this picture?

Mama Lohan doesn't think anything's wrong with it. She posed for this month's Harper's Bazaar magazine looking like a superstar herself, sipping champagne in the back of a limo and spoke about the glam life she leads thanks to her daughter's celebrity.

"We're just so misunderstood. My sons are in sports; my daughters want to be actors. I was in the business, and I'm going to help them. You don't like that? I'm living the American dream," she said.

That "dream" includes having an ex-husband who was just released from prison, a 20-year-old daughter who was recently released from rehab, and an almost-nightly round of parties -- with her daughter -- in Hollywood's most exclusive nightspots.

Is club-hopping something that is mom-like?

Lohan proudly confesses she lies about being a mom and introduces herself as her daughter's personal assistant when they are out.

"I don't want them to know I'm her mom," she said. "It's a whole 'nother demographic. People just go dark."

Despite rumors of Lindsay turning to alcohol again after her stint in rehab, her mother says it was the young star's choice to spend a month at Wonderland, where she frequently took day passes to shop and meet friends at bars and restaurants. "You can lead a horse to water. You can't make him drink," she said.

As for Lindsay being constantly followed by the paparazzi, her mother likens the situation to the death of Princess Diana.

She said, "[Lindsay's] in such a whirlwind; she's in a tornado. I mean, we're talking serious earthquake, you know? Look at me. [Princess] Diana will happen again."

Lindsay's friend Britney Spears has just been released from rehab and Mama Lohan also pontificated about Spears' all-too-public meltdown.

"I don't know her mom. But I love this kid, and I feel so badly for her because I'm a mom. The girl is a beautiful kid. She married some guy just to get out of the limelight. Cut her some slack. Her mother, I'm surprised she didn't come forward. I'm not gonna sit back and go, 'You're gonna trash my kid?' If my daughter was in high school, I would be at the principal's office. Hello?" she said.