'I'm Fine': Clooney Speaks About His Motorcycle Wreck

George Clooney said he's feeling "fine" after the motorcycle crash that left him and his girlfriend Sarah Larson hospitalized in New Jersey on Friday.

"I'm good. I'm fine," Clooney told ABC News Radio. "A cracked rib and I've got some nice road rash up and down my arm but other than that, I'm fine."

Despite his injuries, a good-natured Clooney finessed the press line at the New York premiere of his new thriller, "Michael Clayton," on Monday night. In between trademark smiles, Clooney, an avid biker, admitted the accident was harrowing.

"I've been down two or three times in the last 30 years," Clooney said. "Every time you go down, it's a scary experience."

Clooney, 46, wasn't alone during his first public appearance since the collision.

Wearing a black heel on her right foot and a cast on her left, Larson, 28, joined her Oscar-winning beau on the red carpet, telling TV's "Extra" that she suffered a broken toe, not a broken foot, as reports had stated.

Larson leaned on crutches before leaving Clooney's side to hobble into the famed Ziegfeld Theater on her own.

"I'm tired," she said, limping off the carpet.

Clooney's "Ocean's 13" buddy Brad Pitt made a last-minute appearance, inciting uproarious cheers from fans and photographers. Both Clooney and Pitt co-star in the new Coen Brothers comedy, "Burn After Reading," which is currently filming in New York.

Don't be surprised if Clooney is soon spotted zipping around the Big Apple on two wheels. He assured us that he intends to get right back on his beloved motorcycle.

"It's a big part of my life," he said. "I ride every day."