Winehouse Hubby Held After Charges

The husband of soul singer Amy Winehouse, Blake Fielder-Civil, has officially been charged along with another man with perverting the course of justice, a Scotland Yard spokesman told ABC News.

"They will remain in custody until they appear to court on November 23," a Scotland Yard spokesman told ABC News.

Two other men who were also arrested on Thursday were released after posting bail.

Fielder-Civil has been connected to the beating of James King, a barman in North London, Scotland Yard told ABC News, a brutal assault which reportedly left the victim with severe facial injuries.

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According to media reports, Fielder-Civil and a friend later sought to bribe the barman, urging him to revise the testimony he gave to the authorities.

If accused of perverting the course of justice, these men could face life sentences.

On Thursday British police forced their way into the home of soul singer Amy Winehouse and her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, the same day that he was reportedly arrested with three other men.

According to reports in the British media, police smashed open the couple's front door to gain entry to their home in North London. Winehouse and Fielder-Civil were not in the house at the time.

Winehouse's spokesman, Shan O'Neill, told ABC News that Winehouse "had not been charged or arrested" in connection with the case. O'Neill said that the singer's U.K. tour was still going ahead as planned.

Photos of Winehouse planting a farewell kiss on a handcuffed Fielder-Civil were splashed over several pages of today's Daily Mirror tabloid. "Baby, I love you," Winehouse is reported to have said to her husband as police led him away.

The incident is the latest in a string of difficulties for the freshly wed 24-year-old Winehouse.

The singer stormed the charts with her second album, "Back to Black," and has garnered a number of awards, including a BRIT Award for best female artist and a Vodafone Live Music Award, but her turbulent lifestyle has drawn as much -- if not more -- attention than her work.

She has dealt with rumors of anorexia and alcoholism, and the star has admitted to having problems with drugs. Last month, she and Fielder-Civil were caught in possession of marijuana in a hotel in Norway. The couple reportedly spent the night in custody and were released only after they paid a $700 fine.

The singer has checked herself twice into rehab, but quit both times. In her first album, "Rehab," Winehouse sang about refusing to undergo drug treatment. "They're tryin to make me go to rehab," she sang in the eponymous track, "I said no, no, no. And if my daddy thinks I'm fine. He's trying to make me go to rehab. I wont go, go, go."

Members of the Winehouse and Fielder-Civil families have gone public about the couple's addiction to drugs. In an interview with BBC Radio Five, Winehouse's mother-in-law, Georgette Fielder-Civil, said she believed the couple were taking heroin, cocaine and crack, and urged them to stop "before it's too late." Distressed by the couple's health, she went as far as calling on fans not to buy her records, hoping that could help the singer confront her problems.