After 'Semi-Pro,' Will Ferrell Keeps Playing on 1970s Court

Will Ferrell is about to begin shooting the big-screen remake of the 1970s kids' TV cult classic "Land of the Lost," complete with "Cha-ka, Dopey the dinosaur and Sleestaks," teased the actor, at Tuesday night's premiere of his new '70s basketball comedy, "Semi-Pro."

His outlandish outfit, a sleeveless beige tunic over a white turtleneck, might have suggested the vintage costume worn by "Lost's" chief Sleestak, Enik, but Ferrell said he actually borrowed the getup from the closet of basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal.

The film's Maura Tierney broke news that "ER" is going back into production March 3 for six more episodes and has been given a pickup for a 15th season. Tierney, however, is on the fence about returning.

In "Semi-Pro," opening Feb. 29, Ferrell stars as Jackie Moon, the owner of the no-longer-hot Flint Michigan Tropics. The super-sweaty comedy features plenty of sight gags on the court and in the locker room. The cast recalls their own most unpleasant athletic memories:

Ferrell: "In junior high P.E., I was way too shy to take a shower in front of the other kids. It was a horribly awkward time -- body hair, odors. … So I'd go from my sweaty shirt back into my regular clothes and have to continue the day."

Andre Benjamin: "There were these two guys in my gym class who never played with the rest of us. They kind of just climbed all over the bleachers. They had really small heads and the rest of their bodies were big. Everybody would say, 'Look -- the little head brothers, the little head brothers.' "

Woody Harrelson: (listening to Benjamin's story, totally aghast): "I was one of the little head brothers. Wow, that really hurts to hear him bring that back up."

Tierney: "I went to an all-girls Catholic school, and we had to wear these horrible gym outfits -- a one-piece, blue-and-white striped jumpsuit you had to step into and zip up. It was just horrible."

Rob Corddry: "I was in a New York gym when I was on The Daily Show, and some totally naked 50-year-old guy approached me and started telling me about his TV watching preferences. I was like 'Dude, put some clothes on.' "

Andy Richter: "When I was working on Conan (O'Brien's Late Night show), I had to start going to the gym because my wife got sick of being married to a fat man. I was working out on an incline leg press and something in my head went 'pop.' I had a sudden instant headache that lasted six days. I told my dad about it, and he said, 'Oh, for a while I was getting those after I had orgasms.' Oh dad!"