Blogger Says Perez Hilton Promised Tips for Sex Tapes

Jonathan Jaxson told that he sent Perez Hilton sex tapes for tips.

ByABC News
February 28, 2008, 2:46 PM

Feb. 28, 2008 — -- Aspiring gossip blogger Jonathan Jaxson claims he's got the dirt on the flamboyant celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

Jaxson says that Hilton whose real name is Mario Lavandeira didn't deliver on an alleged deal the two made to trade sex tapes of Jaxson in exchange for juicy celebrity tips Jaxson could post on his gossip site

"[Lavandeira] was using me as his personal porn service," said Jaxson, who admitted to sending several sex tapes and photographs featuring himself to Lavandeira on the condition that he would alert him to breaking celebrity news. "I felt manipulated."

Jaxson sent copies of several instant message conversations he claims he had online with Lavandeira. The conversations appear to show Lavandeira requesting sex videos from Jaxson, apparently coaching him on who to send the tapes to and also contains several nude shots of Jaxson. has not been able to independently verify the authenticity of the instant message conversations.

"You should totally make a sex tape," Lavandeira allegedly wrote in a Sept. 1, 2007 instant message conversation.

The next day, according to the message log, he asks Jaxson again about the tape.

"and [sic] where is that video?" said Lavandeira on Sept. 2, 2007.

"That video was not sent since you never replied to me about doing a phoner for my blog," replied Jaxson.

Two months later, the two are still chatting.

"How do I make it 'hot?' Give me pointers right now!," Jaxson wrote to Lavandeira in a Nov. 14, 2007 instant message, asking for help in crafting the perfect sex tape.

"Make it with someone," Lavandeira allegedly typed, moments later.

Later in that same conversation, Lavandeira asks Jaxson to send him sex videos.

"Make me another video...with your face in it!" Lavandeira allegedly wrote.

Jaxson, evidently eager for his video be successfully linked on popular blogs, asks Lavandeira whether he thinks anyone would even be interested in his sex tape.

"do [sic] you think that would cause any scandal for a blogger like myself to have this secret thing out there? leaking it to dlisted and such?" said Jaxson, referring to a celebrity blog.

"Totally," said Lavandeira, according to the message log. "Leak it to everyone."

Lavandeira, 29, is notorious for scribbling snarky and off-color jokes over photographs of celebrities on his popular blog,, which attracts approximately 2.8 million visitors each month, according to ComScore Media Metrix.

Despite's repeated attempts to contact Lavandeira for comment, he could not be reached and has so far not posted anything regarding the incident on his blog.

Jaxson, who is the former publicist for the Backstreet Boys, claims that Lavandeira first asked for sex tapes in September 2007, and says that the blogger even offered suggestions on the best ways to film them.

"He instructed me on how to sit and how to lie and exactly who to send it to," Jaxson, 24, told "It was stupid. It wasn't some classy porn video. It was basically to please him and he got off on it."

Having seen other celebrities, such as socialites Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, profit from having their personal sex tapes leaked on the Internet, Jaxson said he hoped that -- with Lavandeira's help -- he too could capitalize from his racy videos.

Jaxson says Lavandeira did provide him with a few story ideas for his blog, but his help never met the standards of their original deal because Lavandeira was always "too busy."

Jaxson told that despite sending Lavandeira several more tapes, Jaxson was ultimately "left empty-handed" and confused about the status of their relationship.

While he won't confirm how intimate their relationship became, Jaxson said that the two met several times in New York and once in Los Angeles and communicated daily on the Internet.