Cruise Control: Tom Targets Baby Store

Forget what you may have read in the past 18 months about the thousands of dollars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes spent on their baby, Suri, at luxury baby boutique Petit Tresor.

Just pretend you didn't read about the $45,000 eggshell-blue-themed baby room with a custom-made antique crib and blue walls with floating clouds. Or the spring dresses and T-shirt sets that read "Big Sister."

That's because you weren't supposed to learn the details of their shopping habits, and Cruise and Holmes are taking steps to make sure of that.

After one of Cruise's entertainment lawyers sent a tough letter to the Los Angeles store, accusing it of leaking confidential and false information that the couple had spent $350,000-400,000 at the store on their daughter, store owner Samantha Winch reached out and made peace.

"We didn't leak any information," Winch told "We don't leak. It's our policy not to discuss our celebrity clientele."

Winch said that she has conducted an "internal investigation" of her staff and is convinced that none of the staffers at her stores leaked the information. The store's other celebrity clients include Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera.

So, where did the information come from? "One of the shops is on Robertson Boulevard, and there are paparazzi up and down the street all the time," she said.

As for the amount spent at the store, Winch said that Cruise and Holmes have spent significantly less than the reported amount.

Cruise lawyer Aaron J. Moss said he takes Winch at her word.

"We have been contacted by the store, which has assured us that they will not mention them in the future."

As for Winch's claims that none of her employees have leaked information, Moss said that Life & Style magazine printed an on-the-record comment from one of the store's representatives.

At this point, there is no indication of a lawsuit and "we think it's been resolved," Moss said.

While it is common for celebrities to request confidentiality when it comes to their private lives, breaches of privacy do not usually end up in court unless they involve medical records or intimate family secrets.

UCLA Medical Center fired 13 workers and disciplined another 12 for improperly obtaining the Spears' records when she stayed at the hospital's neuropsychiatric unit last year. One rogue employee snuck a look at the confidential files of 32 celebrities and high-profile patients in 2006 and 2007.

In 2006, Lopez sued ex-husband Ojani Noa for violating a confidentiality agreement by publishing a book with private details about their relationship. Previously, Noa had sued the singer, claiming that she had fired him as manager of her restaurant without cause.

And Rob Lowe and his wife recently sued two former nannies and an ex-chef, claiming they violated confidentially agreements by divulging personal information about the couple. One of the nannies countersued, claiming that she was sexually harassed, which the Lowes denied.