Will Guys See 'Sex and the City'?

According to guys who made the movie, men should embrace "Sex and the City."

ByABC News
May 29, 2008, 4:21 PM

May 30, 2008 — -- The impending release of the "Sex and the City" movie has triggered a national Ladies Night of epic proportions. Girlfriends across the country will gather and cosmopolitans will be sipped (or downed).

But in shameless Carrie Bradshaw fashion I couldn't help but wonder will the guys go see "Sex and the City?"

The quick answer is no. But "Sex" creator Darren Star has another theory.

"Their girlfriends are going to take them," Star said. "And they're going to like it."

Or at the very least, pretend to like it. Director Michael Patrick King suggests that men who want sex ought to see "Sex."

"I think if you're in a relationship with a woman and you take her to this movie, she'll feel very happy … and open," King said.

The cheeky Web site Someecards.com even offers an electronic greeting card in which a woman can bribe her significant other with a promise to fool around "during a Michael Bay film" if he accompanies her to "Sex and the City."

But is seeing "Sex" really such a grueling chore for heterosexual guys? Based on the male reaction to the HBO series, Sarah Jessica Parker doesn't seem to think so.

"It's something that they feigned they didn't like at first," Parker said. "They were pulled kicking and screaming to the television on Sunday nights … but I kind of get the impression from those that are willing to talk about it that it's something they do with a woman in their life."

To wit, Donald Trump obliged his wife, Melania, at the film's New York premiere.

"Guys can see it," he said. "Here I am."

Like Trump, some secure males will own up to "Sex and the City" fandom, even if it's just for the acrobatic bedroom scenes or the opportunity to eavesdrop on the frank discussions of the opposite sex. But "Sex and the City's" most macho man, "Mr. Big" actor Chris Noth, is convinced guys might actually like the big-screen adaptation.

"I don't think it's a girl movie or a chick flick really even though part of the premise is that," he said.