Do Some Celebs Need a New Attitude?

Katherine Heigl and Nick Hogan could learn from Britney Spears and Ed McMahon.

ByABC News
June 24, 2008, 5:01 PM

June 25, 2008— -- It is abundantly clear that attitude is everything. Katy Perry chants amidst a brothel of bodacious boudoir babes in this summer's rebellious anthem: "I kissed a girl and I liked it!" Her defiant attitude says it all -- not shy, not remorseful ... I liked it! Perry also exclaims, "This was never the way I planned out my intention."

In life, we are constantly dealt an unpredictable hand, and how we choose to play this game of life is completely up to us. Whether we win, lose, or draw is simply a matter of attitude. Do we roll with the punches or do we fight fate? Do we bow and bend like the willow or do we crack and break like a dry piece of kindling?

I've always found it to be an amazing study in human nature when several people, who are thrust into the same predicament, react in totally different ways. Some panic, becoming more of a hindrance to themselves than a help. And others manage to rise to the occasion, like superheroes sent to save the day. When I see people's unique reactions, I become more and more convinced that life is 10 percent what happens to us, and 90 percent how we react to it.

This fact is made all the more clear in the attitudes of celebs in this era of media saturation. Take the recently exaggerated antics of the tabloid temptress Ms. Britney Spears. Now that Britney has had a slight behavioral and attitude adjustment, the tabloids have laid off a little, her scandal factor is diminishing, and it almost seems possible that she will hang on to the threads of her tattered career.

Simultaneously, the public is lashing out at the 17-year-old son of reality and WWF star Hulk Hogan. Nick is serving time for a DUI that paralyzed a longtime family friend. When a recorded jailhouse conversation between Nick and Hulk -- about a reality show that is waiting for Nick after he gets out -- was leaked to the press, the public's attitude towards the family plummeted. Father and son's cavalier, unapologetic, self-serving, inconsiderate attitudes have turned the public against them.

Recently, Katherine Heigl's seemingly self-righteous attitude has caused some controversy after she removed herself from Emmy consideration, due to what she feels was a lack of substantial character development during this season of "Grey's Anatomy." It was definitely not a grateful or gracious move, and extremely pompous as attitudes go.

How much love will the studio, "Grey's" writing staff and the viewing public bestow on her now?