Stars Speak Out About the Hudson Tragedy

As the sad story of the murders of Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and nephew unravels, prominent people from the entertainment industry and beyond are sending their sympathies to the Oscar-winning "Dreamgirls" actress and former "American Idol" contestant.

Below, see who's saying what:

Aretha Franklin

"Jennifer and I have met [Hudson was reported to be the top choice to play the lead role in a movie musical based on Franklin's life], and I have to say, my heart really goes out to her and her family, God bless them and keep them. I just, wow -- it's just too much." -- ABC News Radio, 10/27/08.

Randy Jackson

"My heart and soul goes out to her and the rest of her family. Such a huge tragedy -- I can't even believe that it's possible. Paula Abdul and I were just talking about it yesterday and it's just so sad. I left a couple of messages for her and I'm just trying to give to her whatever I can. My God. The world is an ugly place right now." --, 10/27/08.

Paula Abdul

"This is a horrific tragedy and my thoughts and prayers go out to Jennifer and her entire family. The time I had to get to know Jennifer and forge a wonderful friendship with her while she was on '[American] Idol' was very special to me, and I personally can't imagine a greater loss for any family." -- "Extra," 10/27/08.

Anika Noni Rose

"I know that Jennifer was extremely close to her mother and brother and I pray that the family will find healing and peace. My thoughts and prayers are with Jennifer, Julia and Julian in this awful time." --, 10/27/08.


"I think it's horrible. I read it and I think it's shocking. For anybody to go through that. Wow, I don't understand how a human being could have such little respect for life. My heart goes out to her and her family. Wow." -- The Associated Press, 10/26/08.

"Yes I'll be praying for her and sending positive energy her way." -- The Associated Press, 10/26/08.

Toni Braxton

"I saw her probably two weeks ago on 'Dancing With the Stars.' We were talking and laughing and she was just really excited about how things were going in her life, so it's just really disappointing. … It's really sad and my thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family." -- "Entertainment Tonight," 10/26/08.

Barack Obama

"Oh, it was heartbreaking. In fact, I'm still trying to get a phone number to call her at this tragic time. … She is somebody who has campaigned for me. She also lives in my community. So, we're really going to have to … help her and pray for her and her family during this difficult time." – "Extra," 10/25/08.

Sherri Shepherd

"It's hard to describe how sad I think everybody is because Jennifer Hudson has the most amazing spirit and she is so humble and I think that humility comes from her family who is her rock. So to have them taken from her, I'm kind of speechless but we are all sending a lot of prayers her way and hope that she can find some semblance of peace on this new leg that she's on. That's a hard one because she just got hit with this news. So I don't even know what to say, but 'We love you. We love you Jennifer, and whatever you need from us.'" -- The Associated Press, 10/25/08.

Cedric the Entertainer

"I definitely have condolences for her. That's really tragic. You hate to hear that happen to anybody, something like that. But I've only had the chance to meet her in passing. So I can't really say I know her personally, but man that was tough to hear what happened to anybody's family. So definitely my condolences to her and the rest of her family for sure. That's sad to hear." -- The Associated Press, 10/25/08.