Supermodel Andreja Pejic Opens Up About Sex Reassignment

"I was hiding who I was," Andreja Pejic said of life as a man.

— -- Andreja Pejic, formerly Andrej, has revealed that she has undergone gender reassignment surgery.

The supermodel, 22, told People magazine "I want to share my story with the world because I think I have a social responsibility."

Pejic, who declined to reveal the details of her procedure, added that she always "dreamt of being a girl."

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"One of my earliest memories is spinning around in my mom's skirt trying to look like a ballerina," she told the magazine. However, the model, who was born in Serbia and moved to Australia at age 9, added that as she got older, she tried to hang out with boys and play sports because of peer pressure.

"I kept my dreams and my imagination to myself and became pretty good at acting as a boy," she said. "I was hiding who I was."

Finally at 13, she finally realized what she had to do, she said. She Googled "sex change" and her life has not been the same.

"The Internet gave me the sense that there were words to describe my feelings and medical terms," she said.

The model said when she revealed her feelings to her family, they were more than supportive, but her plans for gender reassignment were put on hold when she was discovered as a male model at the age of 17. Still, Pejic didn't let that stop her from modeling women's clothes for fashion lines including Marc Jacobs and Jean Paul Gaultier.

"About a year and a half ago, I reevaluated things," she said. "I was proud of my gender nonconforming career. But my biggest dream was to be comfortable in my own body."

After having her surgery, however, "it was about three months before I felt like myself again," she admitted.

No open to dating, Pejic has a new and improved attitude about life.

"Every day is like a new revelation," she added. "I'm more comfortable than ever."