The Sweet Meaning Behind Carrie Underwood's New Single, 'What I Never Knew I Always Wanted'

Country star sings a sweet tribute to the two men in her life.

“I never really pictured myself getting married and I guess I never really -- I always assumed a family was in the future, but I wasn’t, you know, ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to have kids,’ and I kind of took a more laid-back approach to the whole thing,” Underwood told ABC’s Robin Roberts. “Now I couldn’t imagine my life without either one of them.”

In the song, “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted,” Underwood sings about Fisher, a professional hockey player, with the lyrics, "Thought I was happy on my own / ’Til you came and proved me wrong." Then she moves on to 8-month-old Isaiah, singing, "You’re stealing every bit of my heart with your daddy’s eyes / What a sweet surprise."

Her sweet tribute appears as the last track of the singer’s fifth studio album, which was released today.

“I am really excited because we have been working on—I mean, I have been listening to some of these songs for a couple of years now, and they still hold up, which, that makes me feel really good,” Underwood said of “Storyteller.”