Why Sylvester Stallone Says He's Done With 'Rambo'

PHOTO: Sylvester Stallone as Rambo.PlayMichael Ochs Archives/Getty Images
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Sylvester Stallone says there will be no more "Rambo" for him on the big screen.

The 69-year-old actor has played the titular tough guy in four films, most recently in 2008's "Rambo." However, he doesn't plan to reprise the role again, telling Variety, “The heart’s willing, but the body says, ‘Stay home!’”

He adds, “It’s like fighters that go back for one last round and get clobbered. Leave it to someone else.”

Saying that he's satisfied with the way the last film in the series turned out, Stallone declares, “There’s nothing left. When they asked me to do another 'Rambo,' I said, ‘If I can’t do better than I did last time, and I can’t, then why?'”

While Fox is developing a "Rambo" TV project, Stallone's not involved in it. It will focus on Rambo and his son, and Stallone sounds a little skeptical: “I don’t want to cast aspersions, but it’s delicate to try to replace a character with his son. I’ve seen the son of Flicka, the son of Tarzan, the son of King Kong, the son of Godzilla. It’s a very difficult premise.”

Stallone is nominated for a Golden Globe for reviving another one of his iconic characters, Rocky Balboa, in "Creed."