Tamagotchis, 'Where's Waldo' and More: Your Complete '90s Phenomena Wishlist

PHOTO: From left, Rugrats, Waldo, and a person playing with a Tamagotchi.
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Yesterday, ABC News compiled a list of '90s phenomena that we hoped would make a comeback soon, and asked for your feedback too. Some of the suggestions are already in the works: "The Power Puff Girls" is being rebooted and will air on Cartoon Network in 2016, according to Variety and "The Magic School Bus" is returning in 2016 too, to Netflix. (Jog your memory of the educational show by watching these clips!)

We've added your favorite things from the '90s to the list below (in bold). Again, if there's anything to add -- put them in the comments!

TV Shows


"Bill Nye the Science Guy

"Pepper Ann"

"Barney & Friends"



"Dexter's Laboratory

"Hey Arnold!"

"Rocko's Modern Life




"Jimmy Neutron"

"Star Trek"

"Clarissa Explains It All"

"Salute Your Shorts"

"Fun House" with J.D. Roth

"Super Market Sweep"

"Just the Ten of Us"

"The Torkelsons"

"Square One"

"Hey Dude"

"The Real World" (specifically seasons 1-9)


"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


"Sister, Sister"



Soap operas and talk shows

Fashion Statements



Track suits

Baby-G watches

Slap bracelets

Reebok Pumps

L.A. Lites

Anything from the Delia*s catalogue

Z Cavaricci

Cultural References

Dial-up Internet

Mix tapes

Taping songs off the radio

Passing notes

Boom boxes

Answering machines


Frosted tips

"The Babysitter's Club"

Slang, especially, "Pysch!"

Games, Toys and Books

"Where's Waldo?



Backyard Baseball

Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Game Boy

Bop It

Puppy Surprise

Mall Madness

Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego?


Foods and Drinks

Crystal Pepsi

Ecto Cooler

Surge soda



Jello Pudding Pops

Magic Middles

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