Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Step Out for Dinner; See Their Dating Routine

Get the details of their styles, body language and more.

From their style to their body language, they're incredibly consistent with regard to how they look and what they do.

1. Their outfits: Cropped tops, heels and red lipstick for her, casual t-shirts or sweaters for him. Swift, 25, and Harris, 31, have a certain dating uniform that they stick to nearly every time.

2. Their expressions: Swift is happy to give photographers a smile now and then, but a grin from Harris is noticeably tougher to come by.

3. Body language: Sure, they probably know that the paparazzi are lying in wait outside. And yes, it's possible -- maybe even probable -- that Harris, 31, feels a bit protective of his girlfriend. However, more often than not they leave restaurants hand-in-hand with the deejay leading the way for the "Style" singer.

4. The location: In the past few months, Swift and Harris have found themselves dining at hotspots including the Spotted Pig in Manhattan and Giorgio Baldi in L.A. However, even if they're not at a tough-to-get-a-table restaurant, they're in a trendy neighborhood. Case in point: Their dinner at L'asso in Nolita.

5. Their attitude: Low-key, all the way. Yes, they're going to places that attract attention at times, but the only thing screaming "Look at me!" about these two is that, well, they're tough to ignore.