Teens Swoon For Porn's Fresh, 'Approachable' James Deen

Deen has built a career from having a wholesome look and boy-next-door charm.

ByABC News
February 3, 2012, 2:34 PM

Feb. 3, 2012— -- The voracious, unstoppable American porn industry has new fans in a different demographic in teenage girls, many of whom are underage, through an up-and-coming porn superstar who looks like the wholesome boy-next-door.

James Deen, with his curly brown hair, soft blue eyes and fit body, is a 25-year-old porn sensation from Pasadena, Calif., who looks like he could be your neighbor, you classmate or that cute guy at the coffee shop you're hoping will catch your eye. That's what thousands of women and young girls, some ABC News chose not to interview because they were so young, find so appealing about Deen.

"I would like to clarify that I am a worker bee. I do not control my scenes. I have no idea where the content goes. I'm not in charge of that," Deen said. "If there was a 15-year-old girl, an underage girl, an underage guy, an underage person that is viewing a scene that I'm in or any sort of porn, chances are they're doing that because either they're curious. They're horny, whatever it is. They're sexual enough that it is something that they desire, that they crave, that they want, and it's not necessarily a bad thing."

He continued, "I would like to think that I'm, you know, opening up their sexual experience they'll be able to take their boyfriends and say, 'hey, I saw this in a porno, I want to try this.'"

For a guy whose stage name harkens back to Hollywood royalty, Deen's whole angle is that he is "normal," "approachable" and doesn't look like he belongs in the $13 billion-a-year porn industry where gladiator-like, macho men are king and bigger is best. When it comes to getting between the sheets for a film, Deen said he just goes with what he knows.

"When I have sex on camera, I pretty much just have sex the way I normally have sex," he said. "Personally, I think that the best scenes are when you have two people that really want to have sex with each other, and they're just having sex, and somebody's capturing the moment."

And for that, the young ladies adore him, many of whom follow him on Twitter, Facebook and his blog or surf the Internet to watch his porn videos without their parents knowledge. In a world where most online porn is free, it's never been easier for teens to access it.

Christina Ahlsen, 20, is one of Deen's biggest fans and often checks up on the porn star through Tumblr. She even has a setting to track when his name is mentioned on the blogging platform.

"The first time I saw him, it was kind of really relieving," Ahlsen said. "Because in porn, the males are usually guys I'm not even close to being attracted to. He is just accessible, he looks like somebody that I could see at, you know, a coffee shop or something and actually approach, I mean, if he were, you know, just a regular guy. He is a regular guy."

A college student now, Ahlsen said she has been a fan of Deen since she was in high school and first saw porn around age 10.

"My first, I guess, legitimate encounter with porn was when I was in fourth grade," she said. "I was on this old Windows 95 computer, and I searched Playboy. It was early adolescence and that's a very curious stage."