5 Things To Know About 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Galavis

Everything you should know about this season's star!

January 03, 2014, 4:44 PM
PHOTO: Juan Pablo Galavis, the sexy single father from Miami, Florida, is ready to find love, on the new season of 'The Bachelor.'
Juan Pablo Galavis, the sexy single father from Miami, Florida, is ready to find love, on the new season of 'The Bachelor.'
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Jan. 5, 2013 -- intro: He didn't win the heart of last season's "Bachelorette" star, but this year, millions of viewers will get to watch Juan Pablo Galavis try to find love in "The Bachelor." We learned last season that Galavis, 32, is former professional soccer player from Venezuela, but here are a few things you might not know about him.

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quicklist: 1title: His Daughter Is His Priority, But She's Not Watching the Show!text: He may be on "The Bachelor" to find his future wife, but the girl who's always had his heart is his 4-year-old daughter, Camila. In fact, his main criterion for a spouse is for her to connect with Camila. However, the little girl will not be watching the show. "I'm going to show, you know, maybe some things to her, but I'm not going to show her everything," he told reporters in December. " It's not even worth involving her into this whole process and tell her, listen, Daddy's going to go out with 27 [women] – no, it's not worth it at all."

quicklist: 2title: He (Reluctantly) Lives in Miamitext: Galavis lives in Miami right now, but he's not necessarily planning to ask his future wife to move to Florida to be with him. In fact, he said he only really lives there because it's conducive to his travel-filled life. "I don't like Miami," he said. "I don't like the weather!"

quicklist: 3title: He's a Big Sports Nuttext: Sports are not only his part of his profession (he's a sports and entertainment consultant), but a life's passion too. "I like to go to soccer games, and baseball games, and basketball games and football games, and go to Europe and watch football, and go – you know, that's my life," he said. "I like to watch sports on the weekends. ... I just want to lie in bed and watch sports and relax!"

quicklist: 4title: He Cops to Having Vices text: ... But they're all food-related. (He doesn't smoke, and he'll only nurse one beer or a scotch.) It's hard to believe that Galavis pigs out (have you seen his abs?!), but he claims to love junk food, especially Nutella and Doritos with salsa. "I'm a fatty, yes!" he joked.

quicklist: 5title: He's Not So Sure About Getting Married on TVtext: The previous "Bachelor" star, Sean Lowe, found love with Catherine Giudici, and later this month their wedding will be televised on ABC. However, don't necessarily expect Galavis to follow suit. "Getting married on TV, I'm not sure. You know, I don't know," he said. "I'm from Venezuela and weddings in Venezuela are big, and music – I don't know how this works. I have no idea. So, I'm not even thinking about that."

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