5 Things to Know About 'Pitch Perfect' and 'Sofia the First' Star Anna Camp

She loves macaroons, for one.

November 23, 2014, 10:06 AM

— -- You may know her from hit shows and movies like "True Blood" and "Pitch Perfect," but Anna Camp is more than just a multi-talented actress and singer.

While you wait for Camp, 32, and the gang to return for "Pitch Perfect 2," which hits theaters early next May, you can get your fix of the South Carolina native at 7 p.m. tonight on "Sofia the First: The Curse of Princess Ivy,” where Camp shines as the wicked princess.

Camp spoke to ABC News about the role and shared some things you may not know about her, including why she and boyfriend Skylar Astin actually don't consider themselves famous.

Here are five things to know about Camp:

1. She's an Animal Lover

And she has an adorable puggle named Rocky.

"I wanted a dog for forever. I didn't have one growing up and then, I moved to NYC and never had space for a dog," said Camp. "Finally came out here [Los Angeles] nd I got Rocky about five years ago. So, he's getting 32 years of love and of me wanting a dog, put into one little furry guy, so he really lucked out. He's spoiled rotten."

Rocky can do tricks, too.

"He'll do anything for food," she said. "Except bananas. He hates bananas."

2. She Plays an Evil Disney Princess Tonight

"I got to see the episode and I'm so proud of it," said Camp. "I've never done an animated show before, so it's been a truly cool and beautiful experience. She is a princess, which is really great, she's just an evil princess."

Even though Camp never dreamed she would be an evil Disney villain, "I did love Ursula and she has that amazing show-stopping number in 'The Little Mermaid,' and I feel like the song Princess Ivy gets to sing is slightly similar to that, which is really cool. I'm excited to play an evil princess. But not what I expected as a little girl."

3. She and Boyfriend Skylar Astin Don't Consider Themselves Famous

Camp explained why she and Astin, star of "Ground Floor" on TBS, are very open and not against posting sweet and funny pics to their social media accounts.

"You don't really realize that people know who you are," she said. "I've never felt like a person like 'Oh, I'm famous.' I feel like my friends from high school, I follow them on Instagram, they go out on cute dates and post pictures. I'm like, 'I want to do that, too!"

"There's something to be said about not worrying so much and just being yourself," she added.

4. Camp's Been Singing for Quite Some Time

She added that she impressed Broadway legends long before "Pitch Perfect," including Mike Nichols, 83, the husband of ABC News Anchor Diane Sawyer who died Wednesday.

"When I was little, I could always remember singing in my bedroom mirror," she said. "I had the 'Beauty and the Beast' cassette tapes like in my little pink boombox. I've been singing for a long time and I started taking lessons when I went to school and college at North Carolina School of the Arts."

Camp's first job in New York City was actually an off-Broadway play musical.

"It was a crazy play called 'God Hates the Irish' that I don't know if anyone saw," she said, laughing. "Actually, Mike Nichols saw it and he gave me a job after, so I guess I owe that to my first gig in New York. He saw me, then cast me in 'The Country Girl' with Morgan Freeman."

5. Camp Said Elizabeth Banks Was a 'Fantastic' Director for 'Pitch Perfect 2'

"Everybody is really pumped up about it. This is going to be a great sequel," she said. "It's going to be bigger, more songs. Elizabeth is a fantastic director, she really gets these characters, the humor and all the girls. We just sort of fell back into our characters immediately."

Bonus: Camp Writes Her Own Poetry and Love Macaroons

"I own macaroon PJs because I love them so much," she said.

Make sure to check out "Sofia the First" at 7 p.m. tonight on Disney Junior.

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