Is Tiger Woods' Marriage on the Line Over Nike Ad?

Tiger's wife, Elin Nordegren, is reportedly outraged over Nike commercial.

ByABC News
April 9, 2010, 11:12 AM

April 14, 2010— -- Elin Nordegren is reportedly furious with husband Tiger Woods over the controversial Nike commercial that included a voice-over from his late father.

After Woods placed fourth at the Masters Golf Tournament, Nordegren left her husband and children in Florida for an unknown destination, according to People magazine.

"Elin was violently angry over this commercial and thought it was a cheesy thing to do," one friend told People.

Producers of the ad, which showed Tiger Woods' father seemingly lecturing the golfer from beyond the grave, had apparently spliced audio from a 2004 interview that had Earl Woods talking not about Tiger but about his wife, Kultida.

"[Elin] wouldn't have gone near the Masters under any condition, but that just made her madder," the friend told the magazine. "She is over Tiger. I wouldn't be surprised if she files for divorce sometime soon."

Nordegren has not filed any legal papers, nor has it been confirmed that she has even retained a divorce attorney, but her friends told the magazine that she has run out of patience with her husband, whom she believed returned to golf too soon.

While Woods returned to public life, teeing off at the Masters in Augusta, Ga., Nordegren stayed in the shadows.

She has not made a single public statement since Wood's sex scandal broke in November. Her actions -- such as driving the kids to school, purchasing a secluded Swedish mansion and wearing a shirt with a Nike swoosh -- have been parsed and divined by the media for any sort of sign of fidelity or independence.

In a world of jilted public spouses, where bright lines are drawn between those who stand by their men, a la Hillary Clinton, and those who walk out without looking back, like Jenny Sanford, Noredegren has charted -- as a newly Buddhist Woods might say -- a middle path.

She is just staying out of it.

The tabloids, which have swung back and forth on whether Nordegren would remain with Woods or divorce him, are split. TMZ says the two are once again sharing a house together. OK! swears they are on the verge of divorce.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity, The Associated Press this week tried to go highbrow, looking at the divorce rates among Swedish women.

Despite all the chatter, Nordegren, 30, has done little to indicate what she is planning.

At his first public statement from PGA headquarters in Florida in February, Woods made a point to apologize and mention Nordegren numerous times in the brief statement he made to reporters.

"Elin and I have started the process of discussing the damage caused by my behavior," Woods said. "As Elin pointed out to me, my real apology to her will not come in the form of words; it will come from my behavior over time. We have a lot to discuss; however, what we say to each other will remain between the two of us."